Allan Border Medal

Not usually being one for those self-congratulatory industry shows (including the film and music love-ins) I was surprised at myself when I found that I actually enjoyed the cricket world’s annual back-slapping night. I flicked over during the commercials and found that I couldnt turn it off.

For the most part it was funny and fast-paced. Unlike the Brownlow Medal – it seemed like Aussie cricket folk are more prepared to laugh at themselves and not take the whole thing too seriously.

symonds.jpg Andrew (Roy) Symonds: He didnt win a thing but he’s cute.

The fun they had at Andrew Symonds expense (he would have won an award had he not got drunk before a test match and been banned from 2 games) and the amount of discussion around “drinking awards” was hysterical – if a little distrubing for those concerned about “role-modelling” for youngsters. But the fun and laughter seemed to have a limit when it came to Phil Tufnell.

Tufnell’s sledging of the Aussie team and gloating over the Ashes loss may have crossed the line and exposed the limits of Aussie humour. Yes we have a limit! Why is that a surprise???

The limit seems to involve a smarmy sarcastic pommy twit, sitting in a sleazy pommy pub drinking warm pommy beer I imagine, waffling all superciliously about how dumb the Aussies were when they played in England.

Personally, any Pommy git behaving like that would deserve to be glassed in my opinion, but even more so when he is gate-crashing (via video) a night intended to celebrate the achievements of Australian cricketers and encourage players, both old and new, in their future endeavours.

I dunno, its a bit like having Dr Phil show up at your wedding and start waffling at you about where you’re going wrong in your relationship, only more annoying coz the bloke thought he was funny. It’s all about timing Mr Tufnell, I thought comedians knew that.
In fairness to Tuffy, he says he didnt know Channel 9 would air it at the Alan Border Award show, in fact, the daft geyser didnt even know what the ABM was when confronted about it by Aussie media. Seems he really didnt do his homework.

Apart from this sad piece, the rest of the night was a hoot. Really glad I watched it – and how lucky was it that I tuned in AFTER that awful Shannon Noll had been on so I didnt have to sit through his wailings. Perfect! Never did hear how that went down.

And just coz it’s nice, here’s a lovely story of one young girls experience of the night of cricketing nights as she had her wish come true through the Make a Wish foundation a couple of years ago.
Brett Lee site

Snowing in Feb

Yesterday was freezing cold here in my little town. For a moment I thought it was just us till I saw the cricket on tv from Hobart where Sri Lankan players waiting in the wings were wrapped in blankets. Ha ha. Good old Tassie. Apparently it snowed on Mt Wellington and the wind at the oval came straight off the mountain.
But at least the clouds in the sky meant I could take my old dog out for a walk in the daytime without worrying about her skin cancer tumors. She appreciated that.

Let’s Go Lleyton!


Oh Come ON people! Give him a break!
Ah the fickleness of the Australian public. There he is, our little Rusty Hewitt, taking the weight of the whole Australian tennis expectations on his slim shoulders and for years giving Australia his all to win titles and slams and all that hoo hah on behalf of this great nation.

And what did he get in return? A whole lot of baggin from the media (see Lleyton just didnt play nice with them, he thought he was there to play tennis rather than to pander to the greedy demands of journos – tsk tsk!) and from the public in general.

People whined and bitched about his “on-court antics” often ignoring the fact that the opposing player was behaving as badly if not worse. They also crapped on about how he keeps yelling “C’mon” and saluting himself, doing the lawn mower thing etc. Yeah, like NO OTHER TENNIS PLAYER DOES THE SAME THING in their own language/style. Of course they do. And there is a reason for it, they are psyching themselves up. Usually there is nothing personal in it. They are not directing it at the other player (with the possible exception of those overly-sensitive Argentinians who like to push and spit and yell obscenities at opposing players and fans). In Lleyton’s case, his yelling and gesturing was part of what made his game of tennis and part of his ability to keep winning.

But the denizens of POLITENESS have had their way and Lleyton came out to play at the Australian Open this year with the full force of everyone’s criticism hanging over his head – so he did what he had to do. He stopped gesturing and yelling and generally being himself and he played a very polite, non-yelling, gentlemanly game of tennis…………AND LOST!

So congratulations to all you whinging tennis watchers and press people. You killed off the Lleyton legend we knew and gave us Lleyton the lame instead. I doubt he will ever return to tennis in any meaningful way, and honestly, who could blame him?

Meanwhile, you can all gaze admiringly upon the bland expressionless countenance of Mr Federer he-who-has-no-emotion. I think he may have been just what you were looking for.

Federerbaghdatis Federer (left) and Baghdatis (right)
A nice, polite non-yelling, non-gesturing fellow who plays tennis like he is made of wood but keeps winning anyway. How simply marvellous!
I rarely watch Federer, he’s a “nice” player, a “nice guy” and he says and does rooly nice things, but…er … ho hum. Wake me up when Baghdatis is back on or someone else who actually has a beating heart in there.

Muhammed cartoons

I’ve been browsing all the interweb discussions about the violent protests by certain sections of the Muslim community over a couple of fairly innocuous cartoon drawings of their favourite prophet.

It seems to me that the majority of posters, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim are all as extreme as each other. Most of the “non-Muslim” posters who want to justify the cartoons based on “free-speech” seem to be American christians who really just want to argue that they have the monopoly on truth. The Muslim posters, by and large, just want to justify their position against the cartoons based on their belief that THEY have the monopoly on “truth”.

The real difference seems to me to be that the Muslim posters are quite blatantly threatening and often violent in their opinions while the American Christians are just “holier-than-thou” and pretend to be all peace-loving and “tolerant”.

At least the Muslims are honest and straight forward – though I can’t say that their continual bleating on about how “we” should “beware” because any disrespect or whatever of their religion/prophets/customs/etc/etc will be met with “dire consequences” (death I think they mean – tho I can’t be sure).

Frankly, the whole thing makes me feel sick, from both sides of the so-called debate.

My position is that Muslim people have a lot to complain about and American Christians are probably at the heart of most of their woes.

But Danish journalists, or anyone for that matter, should not have to put up with fanatical violence just because they draw a vaguely humorous cartoon of some bloke who is held in high regard by a bunch of people.

Nor should Danish citizens, children, or anyone else have to put up with the kind of ridiculous violence being perpetrated by certain Muslim factions at the moment. I mean honestly, how do they expect people to sympathise with them when they go round killing, maiming and threatening people over an obscure cartoon. Get real people!!

The cartoon that most seems to get up their noses is the one portraying Mohammed with a bomb on his head instead of a turban. Quite a clever satire IMO. And their response is to threaten to blow people up!!! How ironic. And way to re-inforce the stereotype guys.

Anyway, for those who would like to support the free speech of Danish journos – or any journos for that matter, I would like to point you in the direction of this site where you can check out the cartoons that have so offended the violent members of the Muslim community who are completely devoid of a sense of humour. The site also has some great links to other websites and blogs about this topic. The official media may have been intimidated by violent fanatics but the interweb lives on and on and on.

And while the fanatics call for a boycott of Danish products, you may like to counter this ridiculous behaviour by generally supporting Danish products. There is an interweb campaign building up on this so you can find out what to buy and display a “buy Danish” gif on your own website like this one Buy Danish. That shouldnt be too hard…..yum … Danish pastry, cookies, beer etc etc and isnt leggo Danish or something?

And anyway, OUR Mary is the Queen of Dane-land isnt she??? You leave our mary alone you islamic militant extremists you …. please.
Also see this site for some interesting commentary.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I am new to all this but I’ll get stuck into it and see how it goes. Who knows, I may learn to love it.